Hello again!

Yeah I have been slacking regarding keeping up with my blog and I have no excuse other than being lazy, oops! A lot has happened since I last posted. Jr has been crawling since around May 2nd, he now stands and walks along the couch and tries to stand on his own! He’s growing too fast🙈 While he still refuses baby food he has made some progress and will eat those baby cereal puffs, crackers, and cookies.
Today we walked around Holmes Lake and little man loved it! He is so nosey an curious about everything he stared at the water a lot and the little family of ducks we saw. Pictures from our “adventure”:







1. Mommy my sheets have animals on them


2. My night light


3. Teeth please break through soon!


4. My thighs are ticklish



5. Paper towels are fun



Our trip to the Sipp

We just spent a week in my hubby’s hometown in Mississippi and it was such a relaxing mini-vacay. We spent most of our time hanging out with hubby’s childhood friends, drinking sweet tea, eating Captain D’s, Zaxby’s, and Burns BBQ- yeah we really ate good last week;  and visiting family.

Luckily this guy handled the 11 hour drive pretty well, until it was nighttime, poor little man is afraid of the dark


I forgot to take pictures of the drive (or it was dark when we drove through certain places) but my favorite state was Arkansas’ tree covered hills and the bridge we cross near Memphis, TN.



Junior met almost all of the Hardricks during our visit

Junior and grandma 20140325-102859.jpg


Junior and grandpa



Junior with his uncle


Junior with his great grandma, aunt and grandma



Playing outside where daddy played as a kiddoIMG_8444 IMG_8418 IMG_8442




Little man’s serious face while taking a bath


Looking through old photos and found hubby’s report cards

IMG_8432 IMG_8431

Visiting the Ole Miss campus to watch a track meet. Their outdoor track was so beautiful! After the meet we drove around campus and took pictures on Manning Way. Named after the successful football family the speed limit is 18 like Peyton.

IMG_8495 IMG_8484


I just love all of the architecture in the south, the columns and brick and large porches. My dream house that we passed while driving around:



At a football practice at Yoshi’s high school. This particular spot is important to us since we got married here and it was nice to bring little man back and take pictures.

Back in 2012..



Now in 2014

IMG_8451 IMG_8473 IMG_8474



Little man and grandma before we headed home


Baby bumblebee

Little man was so photogenic today I have to bombard you with pictures but before I do here are some “milestones” or new things Junior has been consistently doing lately:
1. He loves his walker, the little guy scoots all over the living room and will spend five minutes staring at himself in the mirror
2. When he gets in “crawl position” during tummy time he rolls over and then laughs, it’s really cute.
3. He is currently 20.5 pounds and 28 inches long
4. He is ticklish under his armpits






Wacky Wednesday

The weather is still nice so I got little man dressed and in the stroller and we headed out for a run. I had a podcast playing and everything seemed fine, then about a mile out little man starts crying. I’m not sure if it was the slight wind, or teething, or he was tired and couldn’t sleep, who knows but basically he was upset which led to me carrying him in one arm and pushing the stroller with the other. I tried to put him back in the stroller a few times but no luck. I was a little bummed about the run but as a mama I’ve learned plans aren’t always permanent, what’s best for baby is always top priority 🙂 Then part two of the adventure: I grabbed the wrong keys before we left and ended up having to break into my own house but luckily I figured it out. By now little man was really upset, poor guy has had a long day but nothing lunch and a nap couldn’t fix


Wonderful Adventures

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one. Finally the weather here decided to ease up and it was surprisingly sunny and slightly warm this weekend. Hubby worked Saturday day but that evening we got all dressed up and headed to the Team Jack Gala. If you are unfamiliar with the Team Jack Foundation please read about it here it is such a great organization. Centered around nine year old Jack Hoffman, a brain cancer survivor and avid Husker fan, he connected with former Nebraska running back Rex Burkehead and raised awareness of pediatric brain cancer. Nebraska is truly a great state. If you’ve never been you can expect a warm heartfelt welcome and cities clothed in red every Saturday anxious to support Husker Football. There is really no place like it, evident here looking back to Jack’s involvement in the 2013 Nebraska Spring Football game which went on to win the Best Moment award at the ESPY’s. So we put on our best and headed to the event. When we arrived I was stunned at the amount of people who were there. We made our way to the VIP room and mingled with other guests, some current or former football players, coaches, company owners, cancer patients, and of course Jack and his family. I know it was great for my hubby to see a lot of his former teammates since he is usually busy with work. After socializing for about an hour or so we made our way down to our table. We were presented dinner as various speakers and doctors taught us more about pediatric brain cancer and its research. We learned that it is the leading cancer that kills children in our day and age and little research information is available regarding pediatric care, specifically what medicines should be used on children versus medicine created for adults. Junior quickly made friends with a little girl at the table behind us who we later learned had a brain tumor. Later we learned of a woman who attended the Gala in memory of her oldest son who passed away from a brain tumor. All of these people in the room who courageously shared their stories and experiences with complete strangers; it was definitely a tear jerker. But a family who stuck out to me the most was the one sitting next to us at our table. The father sat at our table first joined by his two daughters and his wife. He quickly introduced himself to us and told us about his youngest daughter who will soon be 14 and has an inoperable brain tumor. I won’t name names for the privacy of the family but I was so moved by the father and his great character. You could tell right away he is a proud father, someone who truly loved his kids; and he expressed his love for Husker football as well. He told us how he became a fan, how  his wife had  to “pass” a football test about Nebraska before they got married, and how his daughters had no choice but to grow up around loving the Huskers. My husband laughed and looked at me as we could relate, we are both families who enjoy the game together. Later he was bidding in the silent auction when my husband asked for his address and volunteered to send him one of his old jerseys. The man looked at my hubby as tears filled his eyes he was so thankful and a little shocked. Hubby looked at me and I smiled and grabbed his hands. It’s moments like these that remind me how wonderful he is and I am so happy he was able to give back to this family. It really was an incredible and emotional night I will never forget.

Us at the Gala with Jack but his eyes are closed so now I have to put up the one where I’m not looking


The sunshine continued through Sunday and we were able to take Junior to the park for the first time. He had just woken up from a nap so I’m not sure how much he enjoyed it but he was staring at everything: leaves, cars, the sky, you name it.

Us at the park

Playing with little man


Yep you guessed it, Monday was sunny too but warm as well. Me and little man hit the trail (along with about 20 other people) for a run! I definitely could feel the time off between my last run (or the Wendy’s baked potato with bacon, or the 70 degree weather versus the typical 35.. eh, who knows) but it was great to get out regardless. I ran about half an hour and then walked about 45 minutes. Little man loved every second of it and surprisingly he stayed awake the entire time which explains his bad mood when we got home, tired babies = cranky babies. I downloaded some podcasts from the Another Mother Runner website, if you haven’t checked it out it really is pretty neat (their podcasts are inspiring as well even if you aren’t a mother-runner) This is my first experience working out while listening to something other than music and I will be doing it again in the future.

Little man at the beginning of our run

Mid-run staring at a puppy

After we got home, the not-so-happy-camper

Asleep at last


In the middle

I love being squeezed between little man and Sr while they both sleep. I love to hear them breathe as they dream both knocked out while I’m stuck in the middle as my arm falls asleep. I’m really not complaining this is our time to all cuddle as a family and I enjoy every second of it. This is probably the time when I should be sleeping, but it’s also my “me” time. It’s such a peaceful time of day I forget about all the poop attacks and times when I have to take three minute showers because little man decides he hates his walker; when he spends half an hour in it any other time of day. This morning we were supposed to get a new washer and dryer but unfortunately they wouldn’t fit down our stairs, oh the joys of old homes. I’m sure we will figure something out. The day did get a lot better though, lots of cuddle time with little man, episodes of Prison Break, chicken and rice bowls for dinner and a surprise from the hubby, a new dress for tomorrow nights’ Team Jack Gala. He really is the best I can’t wait to wear it. Happy Friday everybody Tonight’s dinner 20140307-231715.jpg Little man enjoying his walker 20140307-232039.jpg Sleeping baby 20140307-232208.jpg


I have never been more excited to be getting a new washer and dryer and thankfully they are coming tomorrow. A few weeks ago our set broke so I was obligated to resort to disposable diapers. For all of you who don’t know, we cloth diaper the little man. We decided to do this when I was pregnant mainly because it really is a lot cheaper in the long run and I can keep up with the laundry since I’m at home with little man. My experience with them has been great, they are super soft and Jr hasn’t had a single diaper rash; but when our washer and dryer broke it was too much to keep up with (nobody wants to go to the laundry mat every two days for diaper duty) so we got disposables like everybody else. And this is why I am thrilled to be getting new appliances tomorrow..

Yes, that’s poop. Up to his elbows. No, this has never happened with his cloth diapers.
So I gave him a bath and new pajamas.

But he was still upset for a few minutes afterwards. But of course after some TLC now he’s laughing, 🙂


But I’m laughing too, oh the joys of mamahood.

Crackly Crunchy

Nothing too exciting to report on. Lately it’s been too cold to take little man outside for a run, winter please please please go away we are ready to be outside! Hubby has been working a lot, as usual. The poor guy, he really busts his butt for us. Little man is good, he is currently in love with empty plastic water bottles, mainly because they make that crackly crunchy sound. He also has started to laugh when he nurses, I don’t know why its funny but he also hits me when he is eating, I’m not sure if he thinks he will get more food or whats going on but he is just so fascinating to me. Babies are too much fun. I really thought he would be harder, granted he is really an easy baby but still, I guess I was mentally prepared for more. Then again this little guy is so active, the second he starts crawling I know he will be everywhere. 


Our Weekend

On Thursday the hubby and I took little man to his first Husker men’s Basketball game at the new (and beautiful) Pinnacle Bank Arena. We beat Penn State (and Purdue later in the weekend) to improve our record to five straight conference game wins! Little man was asleep for half of the game but when he woke up his eyes were glued to the court (our little sports fan 🙂 ) Yoshi also told me two of the players’ fathers were offensive linemen at Nebraska and now their sons play basketball here (hmm…. Junior?) Yes we are always curious about what our son will do, play, enjoy, etc. This is evident because the next day was little man’s first time at The Bob for a Track Meet. He loved the 60m dash and all of the attention from friends and former teammates. Then of course to ruin all of the fun I got sick on Saturday, way to go mom. Thankfully I am starting to feel better now, I’ve never been more grateful for a Monday.